1、 Previously:

I seem to have been deceived by the BudgetVM recruitment sent by @ Netxons, and the reason goes back to six months ago. On February 14th this year, I saw Netxons posting in the offer sectiON, recruiting sales representatives and technical personnel for budgetvm. I replied casually. Because my last job was at a certain merchant, this position is really tailored for me. Netxons sent me two private messages. On February 20th, I saw Netxons posting again, so I replied by sending a resume email. Netxons saw me and chatted privately on Telegram.

Afterwards, a simple 'written interview' was conducted, and the waiting process was omitted. On March 10th, Netxons sent me a message on Telegram informing me that they had hired me. I was very happy at that time. When I first joined Loc 7 years ago, I knew about the famous budgetvm and didn't expect to get a remote work opportunity from his family one day. On March 22nd, I received an electronic contract email from DocuSign company. After clicking on the link and verifying, I officially signed the remote work contract with budgetvm. On March 23rd, the other party to the electronic contract, BudgetVM, also signed the remaining contract content. On April 21st, Netxons sent me an email asking if I could start working next Monday. I was very excited, and after waiting for a month, it finally started. So I asked Netxons a few questions about how to carry out this job. He also answered a few questions and confirmed with me, "Yes, we will working together." After waiting for three days without any work arrangements, I asked Netxons and he told me that he would send me an email.

Unfortunately, this is his last response to me, and since then, both TG messages and emails have been unread.

The only change in these two months is that his recruitment on hostloc only leaves the position of sales representative. I have sent multiple emails to Netxons this month, but have not replied. I think I was deceived, and BudgetVM didn't have the sincerity to hire me. It's really sad. I missed out on the Golden Three Silver Four and rejected an offer from a company in Shanghai, hoping for a remote work opportunity from his family.

2、 Discovering the truth:

I need to make a statement first that I mistakenly blame Netxons for not responding to my email. He didn't respond to me out of his original intention, but rather from the top management of budgetvm, especially the CEO [Steve empie] who is a fool. This idiot is referred to as Steven. Steven disagrees with my appointment, and Netxons is powerless.

I followed the previous summary and continued to follow the timeline. I waited for three months, but I was really impatient. When Netxons didn't reply, I sent an email to the COO of budgetvm (or Enzu) [Therese Empire] and VP [John Smith] because the signature of the first party on the contract was [Therese Empire]. Smith replied to me, saying he would understand. (During this period, I searched for several employees who used to work for budgetvm on FB, contacted them, and found out their evaluations and insults towards Steven. I will discuss them later.)I don't know if these people were asking at the same time, and finally Steven noticed me. A few days later, Steven sent me a separate email and chatted briefly, at least on the surface. (At the same time, Netxons left budgetvm. Regarding him, I apologize a bit. I shouldn't blame him, he is innocent, and there is nothing I can do about this foolish CEO.)A few days later, there was no news yet. I sent an email to Steven asking how to proceed with the next steps, and Steven replied to the login account for MS Teams. I sent an email asking about the contract compensation, but Steven didn't respond. Just a few hours ago, Steven formed a group on Teams and instructed me on the following matters, saying that I would be hired next week. After the meeting, I asked him again when he would pay me.

He replied: "Can you help me understand how it looks so long to start shifts." I immediately understood that this fool had no intention of hiring me, but he signed a contract contract at the time and was a reliable outsourcing temporary worker. There is currently a shortage of people, please come as soon as you are called. It's useless, just let it go. Just like the contractor who was fired before. I have been waiting for several months without paying a penny, and I still have the face to arrange work for me.

Speaking of it, the several contract outsourcing workers I contacted at FB from former budgetvm commented on Steven as "bullshit, scammer, treating clients like fools, contractors like brutes, defaulting on compensation, and firing contract employees casually without compensation. They gave me a lot of silly things that Steven did during their tenure. Summary: Budgetvm/Enzu has not yet gone bankrupt, it is completely a gold medal sales force, and CEO Steve Empire is a scammer. How many budgetvm sales have appeared before and after searching for hostloc alone.

I described my experience to them, and those guys also sympathized with me, saying that you are really miserable and stupid enough. 

Fuck! I posted and talked about it, which will make it difficult for future generations. Budgevm.com/enzu.com/Steve empie, they are all fools.


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